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After I got my first degree I always said pigs would fly before I went back to school. Well, the pigs are flying now. Follow my progress through nursing school as a second degree student in Houston, TX.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Back in Class Again

I'm about to head to bed. Classes start tomorrow, and I'm just a little antsy. The only class I have scheduled tomorrow is my clinical section (they meet on campus at first to get us all ready to go to the hospital first). There is a little confusion because there is a makeup session for the associated lecture class later this week that is much longer than just the lecture, like it is a lab and lecture combined makeup. So I won't know if there is a class until I get to campus tomorrow. Oh, well I have some other stuff I need to take care of anyways.
My DSL should be hooked up Wed, and by then I should be able to post pics of my apartment.

Now I've really got to get to bed 6:00 will come early.


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